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Salud Bar & Grill

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Salud Bar & Grill is a specialty beer tavern and grill serving the Bushwick community in Brooklyn, NY. Salud serves a constantly rotating lineup of premium, unique craft and microbrew beers for the discerning beer connoisseur. While there are many different bars in Brooklyn, there is only one specialty beer bar in south Bushwick neighborhood and that is Salud. Our Grill features a variety of boldly flavored, made-to-order items including our popular Chimichurri sliders, Salud skirt steak, Salud burger, and our premium pork chop – the Chop. Our specialty drinks, food, inviting atmosphere, and unparalleled customer service make Salud Bar & Grill the venue of choice for entertainment.

Gentrification is changing Brooklyn, groups in neighborhoods are being displaced and replaced with newcomers to the area. As part of that change the history/culture of these neighborhoods is physically being erased and re-imagined (parts of Bushwick rebranded as East-Williamsburg). Not only are the black and Hispanic groups that lived in those neighborhoods moving out, but the beautiful tenements and brownstones they inhabited are being gutted and renovated.
I was raised in Bushwick and have seen firsthand the change in the neighborhood. Part of what inspired me to start the ambitious Salud project was my desire to retain some of the history and culture of my neighborhood. I wanted to introduce newcomers to the diverse flavors that once were commonplace in the area. I wanted to salvage parts of the beautiful structures that were once present in these renovated homes.
To do so, we based on the menu on the cultures that have passed through and called Bushwick their home Hispanics, Caribbean, European, and Asian cultures) To Retain some of these neighborhoods past we picked through the dumpsters of buildings been Renovated and salvaged wood and metals. Those salvaged materials were used to make all the SALUD furniture and de’cor.